Recently the logical reasoning and data interpretation has been getting tougher and tougher as the year passes, so some students can find this session a bit intimidating.

Logical Reasoning is not about hardcore mathematical or any difficult concepts it judges the basic analytical thinking and common sense. Though in CAT questions in this section are not as easy as they seem. And mostly, the language is tricky and perplexing. And, Data interpretation is all about various data studies in the comprehensive form of graphs, charts, reports etc. It’s all about giving theoretical results in the numerical presentation. The questions in DI requires knowledge of basic mathematical concepts such as Ratio & Proportions, Percentages, etc.

When it comes to preparing for LRDI, it’s better to stop thinking and focus on practicing and take coaching from CAT Coaching in Delhi. For this session, you will have to develop the natural problem-solving ability and that can only be possible once you start practicing. Here are some tips you can follow:

  • List out all the different type of topics and questions that are believed to have a chance to make an appearance in your CAT paper and make a checklist of the same.
  • Take up one or two topics from the list every other day, understand its fundamentals, start with a few simple ones and work your way up and understand the topic in depth. Complete the checklist in a timeline depending on the number of days left for CAT.
  • Slowly, increase the topics to cover day by day in a way that one can be of medium and another be of high difficulty levels and again complete the checklist. Keep repeating that exercise for 4 cycles and assess your performance in different topics and make sure you pick up the different types of questions.
  • Brush up the topics you find you are lacking and take classes from Alchemist-CAT Coaching in Delhi
  • Keep practicing questions in different combination of topics taken up each day and make sure that the frequency of questions from your weak zones stays relatively higher over the course of your preparation to eradicate any kind of weak areas.

Data interpretation accounts for a major chunk of questions in common aptitude test format. Mastering this area is comparatively less tiresome than the other two major sections, Quant and Verbal. DI tests our ability to understand and apply data. But we do not approach DI smartly, we will waste our time.

All things said and done, there are some who disagree that logical reasoning skills cannot be further improved. How we solve the problem depends on how well we get the concept behind it, we use reasoning principles in our day to day life and yet we somehow feel to question our capability when it comes to answering logical reasoning questions.

At Alchemist-CAT Coaching in Delhi, you will find yourself understanding the concept and using logic with their enabling thinking process. This enables you to think out of the box and have a different approach to tackle a problem.

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