Practicing on grammar may seem a tedious job, mostly students think that grammar and the rules it comes with are infinite. Surprisingly, you may find this to be not true and that grammar is rather easy to master.

If you truly understand the management entrance tests, you would know that it is not just about excelling at one or two topics. The key to getting a good score is having an idea about all the topics, and having the concepts clear. That is what is required from future managers, a manager isn’t a person who knows just a little too few processes but is someone who has a brief understanding about everything that takes place around him/her and his/her organization.

While mostly grammar is overlooked, faculty at Alchemist –  The Best CAT Coaching in Delhi makes sure that not a single topic is taken lightly. Their module system helps you customize your topics, spread syllabus according to your liking. Thus helping you assure to score well in each and every section.

So it is better to start from the beginning, to not disregard any topic. Grammar is the basis of all verbal & non-verbal communication. Having a good base in grammar will help you in your GD-PIs and Essay Writing as well.

To reap the maximum benefit out of your preparation, you can further:

  • Glance through: Whenever you study a book/subject, you should first glance through, or have a look at the entire content/topics in the subject. You will get an idea about what the subject contains. Without any idea about the subject, if you blindly start, say the first chapter, you won’t have any idea about how much more you have to learn. And thus your preparation won’t be productive.
  • Revise: Revising a topic strengthens your basic foundations of that topic. After a couple of revisions, your chances of erring in the topic, goes down significantly.

Some tips to before you dive deep in the grammar section:


  • Practice in short, regular intervals- Other than your work on Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability as a whole (for example, with reading practice), don’t spend more than half an hour a day on grammar study. Do it regularly, and start early, but don’t focus on this to the exclusion of other test materials.
  • Study grammar rules sparingly- The CAT almost certainly will not ask you to recite grammar rules, but you will have to see grammar in action and may have to answer questions about that. Lists of grammar rules will do you no good. Practice on using what you learn.
  • Don’t rely on fluke- Do not just choose an option because it sounds correct, wrong answers often sound right, because almost nobody speaks with perfect grammar on a day-to-day basis! Written English is different, so master grammar rules through reading, not listening.


Working on grammar is not about the hard work but about the dedication. Alchemist The Best CAT Coaching in Delhi provides you with resourceful study material for the same. And if you still find yourself surrounded by grammatical errors, you can ask your queries on the Know Doubt app making sure that you can easily practice without any hassle and put a leash on the “untamable” grammar.

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