I don’t know what is it about Quant but its name somehow causes dreadful look in many CAT aspirants. And I had the same feelings for quant, it felt like that annoying relative, you cannot run nor hide from it plus it drastically can change your percentile so the point of hiding or running was futile. Alchemist-Best MBA Coaching in Delhi have the best professional faculty for quant who teaches every module clearly.

Quant basically checks your ability to think logically and come out with the solution to the given problem. It does not check on your ability to cram formulae or how fast you are at calculations as CAT provides an online calculator. Though it helps to a certain extent to be fast at calculations. So the idea that you must be a great mathematician to excel at quant is a complete myth.

The thing I disregarded here was to clear my basic math skill. Brushing up the basics is crucial for quants. Every topic has basic concepts, upon which easy questions are based. Once you get the hold of the basics, you will get a brief idea of what the topic is about, and the kind of questions that are generally asked. Without the basics, you will eventually get lost in the complexity of the advanced questions. Also, a number of questions in the exams are based directly on simple and basic concepts. Therefore, knowing the basics is the foundation of a good score in the quant section. Alchemist-Best MBA Coaching in Delhi being prudish about the basics, helped me understand the concepts and fundaments of math.

Their enabling thinking process helped me further gain confidence in quants as I was challenged to think the concept through. The just do not believe in spoon-feeding the concepts, but questioning everything, so one can develop further insights into concepts that sometimes remain obscure. Encouraging to think and master the topic assisted in understanding which topic was my kryptonite (permutation and combination, set theory, and logarithm).

So, once I knew where I lacked at, I practiced on the topic with the help of their module system by attending the particular topic number of time until I got a hang of it.

Also, their online programs further helped me as I could prepare for a topic with the practice materials and module specific tests provided on their website. I gave mock tests regularly to sharpen my preparation strategy. As after every mock test analysis, I got an idea about my strong and weak areas, speed, accuracy, and other factors. As a result, I then simply modified my strategy based on this data. Therefore, my strategy slowly kept adapting and evolving until the day of the exam. The onlinemocks.com provided regular tests so I could evaluate, and weigh my strengths and weaknesses.

And if I still found myself in a doubt, I just used their Know Doubt app to raise my query to a faculty member or a peer anytime I found myself stuck in the abyss of quant.

Thus, slowly and surely Alchemist-Best MBA Coaching in Delhi helped me in conquering my fear of Quant.

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