Common Aptitude Test, commonly known as CAT is conducted every year on pan-India basis. Millions of students attempt this exam and only a handful gets selected in the IIMs and other top B-schools. To start preparing for Top CAT Coaching in Delhi, it is necessary to understand its value and the worth of the exam. Cracking it is a dream for many and not an easy task. If you are one of the people struggling to know how to prepare for it, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together certain points on how you should start preparing for CAT 2018.

  1. The first step towards starting the preparation is to seek proper guidance and not from your neighbours or friends but from the experts in the field like Alchemist. Alchemist has a high success rate and the credit goes to the experts who are at your disposal to guide you all the way till you get into a premier business school.
  2. Preparing smartly is the key to crack CAT and other MBA entrance examinations. Giving proper time to each and every section and managing time between them is important. While strengthening your skills properly you should not forget to pay attention to your weaknesses and vice versa. This is an ideal approach towards smart preparation.
  3. Difficulty levels of mock tests and actual CAT paper varies. Some mock tests are designed to be more difficult so as to make the CAT examination look simpler and a student who performs well in mocks would definitely do well in the actual paper. But instead of just solving mocks, one should solve previous years’ question papers as well to get a better understanding of the difficulty level of the exam and for CAT coaching student need to get Coaching from the Top CAT Coaching in Delhi because they gives the accurate information and preparation to every student.
  4.  Keeping a check on your progress and changing your preparation strategy accordingly is a good way to prepare. For example, an online tool provided by Alchemist,, can help you assess yourself appropriately with the mentors and the faculties present there who also get access to your progress through the personalised report card based on question choice, concept understanding and speed, thereby determining the changes that you need in your preparation strategy.
  5. One thing to keep in mind, not just for CAT but for everything in life, is that practice is what always makes you excel at things. Thus, rigorous practice of solving papers and calculations is a must. There are more than 10k Questions available online with Alchemist.
  6. Keep your concepts clear and be well known about the things that happen around you. Knowledge of current affairs is a must to clear any other entrance exam as well as the GD/PI rounds that follow the exams.
  7. Time management is essential and nobody can afford to lose time specially when you know you’d be wasting a whole year if you don’t get through.
  8. Don’t quit something if you cannot understand it; instead take more classes about the section till you get better at it. The good thing is that unlike other institutes, you wouldn’t have to change the batch or wait for the revision session to attend the lecture of a particular section. With Alchemist’s Scheduler app, you can re-attend a particular class as many times as you want until you get a better understanding of it. Moreover the app also allows you to choose the timings and the centre that’s near you. This helps a lot while following the 6th point to save time.
  9. Know the exam pattern and remember not to make wild guesses or you lose the marks that you worked hard to get in the first place. Be thorough with the exam pattern and the methods to solve the questions properly, like not wasting time in solving a lengthy question, instead solve an easier one.
  10. Clear all your doubts with your faculties and never hesitate to ask as many questions as you want. To make it easier, Alchemist is the Top CAT Coaching in Delhi provides you with the KnowDoubt app that lets you clear your doubts with the faculties instantly.

10. At last, remember that a calm mind can achieve success in even toughest of times. Thus take out proper time for yourself to keep your mind calm and not worry about the exam at least at that time. The same approach should be applied while solving the paper, do not panic and keep your mind cool

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