CAT is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious entrance examinations of India for top-notch B-schools. Preparing for CAT is not an easy task, hence one needs an expert beside him/her to be guided towards the right path. While understanding that choosing an offline coaching is a must for this, choosing the right CAT Coaching in Delhi however can be a mind-boggling and tedious task. Because it’s your future at stake. You are not only paying a hefty sum of money to the chosen institute but you are also giving them a crucial one year of your life. Thus, asking the right questions and getting satisfying responses is a must to choose the best amongst the best!

Alchemist is one of the most popular and widely known CAT coaching institutes. Now, why should you choose this particular institute amongst the numerous others that claim to stand out? Let’s find out together.

  • Do away with monotonous batch system:
    Alchemist pioneered the modular batch system. It analyzes your strengths and weaknesses right from the start through a SWOT analysis. This helps in a better understanding of the areas one needs to pay more attention to and then prepare accordingly. So, you don’t have to be stuck up to the batch you were assigned from the time you joined the institute but keep on rotating as per your individual needs.
  • Mentors, not just teachers:
    One needs to know that getting into a B-school is not at all like being in an ordinary school where we have 8 teachers for 8 different subjects, teaching altogether, you learn everything, take exams and are promoted to next class. You need to be polished on every facet and only then the chances of you getting selected are positive. Alchemist, with its highly qualified and experienced staff, not only teaches you the required concepts but act as mentors to guide you to sail smoothly throughout.
  • Personalised approach:
    Unlike many institutions that are operating in the market, Alchemist CAT Coaching in Delhi understands that each aspirant that has chosen to be a part of the revolutionized system of learning, has a different need then the rest of the lot. Thus, it tries to cater to the demand of individual attention by creating batches that are as per the needs of the aspirants and that are chosen by aspirants themselves. Also, you can use the Know Doubt app whenever you face any difficulty and connect to any faculty or other aspirants for quick response.
  • Comprehensive Study Material:

Practice makes a man perfect. But how will one practice well if the study material that is available is not sufficient or is inaccurate? Thus, it matters the most that what you are practicing from is regularly updated with changes in the exam pattern and includes the recent questions and topics.

  • Know where to locate us:
    Accessibility is the main issue which one faces while choosing any centre. Alchemist helps to overcome this problem by giving you the liberty to choose any centre located in Delhi as per your own convenience. Just a click on the scheduler app to select the required centre and you are ready to board the metro and reach the selected centre.

Workshops and GD-PI preparation:
The preparation from CAT Coaching in Delhi doesn’t end at getting the projected score at the online test. It’s an overall development program and students need to work on their personality and skill-set as well to get through the rigorous GD-PI sessions. Alchemist, thus, prepares the students well to help them enhance their communication skills. With regular sessions for the same, it helps the students focus on the key skills in the GD-PI training sessions and keeps them informed about the trending topics and current affairs.

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